Grandpa runs…

Grandpa runs.

Today was my first workout since being a newly minted Grandpa.  April 1st, 2019 at 11:38Pm to be exact.  How fitting that Ember Jane Alvarez would be born on April fools day- and to almost miss it by 22 minutes is funny to me as well. The reason that I think this day is appropriate for Ember is that her story to my wife and I actually began as a prank.  My wife Monica and I were visiting our son and daughter in law for dinner about seven months ago.  As we were waiting for the food, they invited us to play a game they said they had just learned at church.  This game involved putting on ear phones, while music played as a distraction- and they would mouth out some words.  The object of the ‘game’ was to figure out what they were saying, while being distracted by the loud headphones and music.  They went first, and after putting on the headphones, my wife and I would quietly repeat a sentence of something or other.  After a few tries they deciphered what we had said; so now it was our turn.  We put on the headphones with the blaring music and turned our attention to Kristen our daughter in law, and to Armando Jr.  Trying to read their lips we would just shout out whatever it was we thought they were saying… however, as I really started to pay attention I figured out that they were trying to communicate more that a random quote or sentence, they were saying something more significant…”you’re going to be…”  I repeated back, “we are going to be…?” “Grandparents!”, “Grand…What?!”  “We are going to be Grand what?!” Kristen and Armando replied with one voice “Grandparents!” I immediately looked at Monica who also just realized what they had said, and in one movement we shot up and threw off our headphones, excited!  We couldn’t believe it as they had just been married about a year and a half and had always said the were planning on waiting three years before starting to add to their family.  We were going to be Grandparents, with our first grandchild.

            Fast forward to April 1stand of course little Ember Jane would make her appearance as April fools day was winding down… tick-toc, tick-toc…Surprise!! I’m here!!

            When you walk and run for long periods of time (I did two hours today) you have a  long time to think and to muse about various things, and today during my run, I couldn’t help but think of the synchronicity of her  birth and the timing of her arrival.  God is good and I believe He has an amazing sense of humor.  Tomorrow I will share about the other thoughts going through my mind as I ran and why for the majority of my run it was hard to see as my eyes were flooded by my tears…


Thirteen years ago I was diagnosed with diabetes, eventually leading to Cardiovascular disease that required stents and triple bypass surgery. For various reasons I opted out of having these procedures and reversed, what many physicians felt, was irreversible heart disease. My goal is to consistently write about this experience and to be able to compile enough material for a book that I’m working on.

Just a few thoughts, (I promise I’ll get better as I become more comfortable with the process) I am surprised by an incredible sense of fear in doing this. I’m not totally sure why. I remember reading a book years ago entitled “Feel the fear and do it anyway” and according to this book the number one source of the feeling of fear is the sense that you will encounter something that you will not have the resources to meet. Ultimately, that we will not measure up; that we will fail.

When I think about this challenge, I don’t believe that it’s the writing part that brings me the most anxiety- I tend to share quite a bit about my situation with my friends on facebook. But this feels different to me; I don’t know the mechanics of the site, it feels ‘alien’ as I become accustomed to this experience. So, I promise to write to share and grow… with the goal of making a difference in at least one other person that in fact there is hope when faced with a chronic illness.

To our Health

Armando Alvarez

My Story: Reversing Heart Disease


I will share my story quickly. Two years ago I was suffering from Angina (eventually becoming unstable Angina which meant that it came on regardless of any action or activity- the worst kind of Angina) This started to happen everyday for ten months. I had an angiogram that showed 100% blockage in one artery and 80% blockage in two others. They wanted me to have stents and triple-bypass heart surgery. For various reasons (I was diabetic) I opted to NOT have these procedures instead went Whole Food, Plant Based NO OILS, NO DAIRY, NO Cheese. I am on a statin 10MG Atorvistatn and on a very low dose of a beta blocker. In the last twelve months I went from being at very high risk of a cardiac event: stroke or heart attack, to last month running a half marathon 13.1 miles (ran 5 miles and walked the rest) I do not eat animal proteins at all. I get my protein from veggies and nuts. Only supplement I take is B12 as you do not get that from fruits and veggies. My story is in a book coming out this May entitled “Eat Plants, Feel Whole” by Dr. George Gutrie. When I started this adventure with my wife, It literally was her and I against the world. Now I have a vast network that supports me. I had zero margin of error. That means that I don’t listen to other peoples options as I know that the research is in my favor. My total cholesterol is 129 (sorry I don’t know how to convert it to your measurements) my ldl is 69 and I am off almost ALL of my meds except for two plus a baby aspirin. Just yesterday I ran four miles and walked another 12.3 for a total of 16.3 miles. I am a 59 year old male and feel like I’m in my 20’s again. There is hope. I am in the process of writing a book. Also check out Dr. Dean Ornish reversing heart disease and Caldwell Esseylstein making yourself heart attack proof. Watch it, rewatch it and apply.

To your health,


Armando Alvarez

  1. Keep it going, Armando! You have so much to share! Loving it!

  1. Keep it going, Armando! You have so much to share! Loving it!

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